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These continuous flow electric heaters Deluxe is a modern, environmentally friendly heat source, intended for floor and central heating application for small and medium size residential and business buildings. The basic advantages of electric heating are primarily these: highly efficient, environmentally friendly performance, compact design and power saving features. This electric heater can be used for any heating system of the central or single floor (local) types, in a direct, accumulating or hybrid diagram.
These continuous flow electric heaters from the range of Ecotermal with Electronic control MRL / K, MRL, MXL and Module-L provide comfortable heating of small and medium residential and commercial buildings.Electric boiler/module can be used in every system of central or story (local) heating in a direct, accumulating or hybrid system. It is recommended for safer operation the electric boilers/modules to be mounted in systems operating with a pump securing enforced circulation of the heat medium.
These continuous flow electric heaters from the range of Ecotermal with Three-stage control MRT and Module-T provide true joy with an intuitive management concept. The three stage control performs its functions by effecting on the heaters and the water pump of the boiler.

These continuous flow electric heaters from the range of Ecotermal with Relay control MR, MX и Module – K effecting the control system on two of the components of the water heating: the heaters and the circulation pump.There are two main operating modes: boiler temperature control operating mode and room temperature control operating mode.

These continuous flow electric heaters from the range of Ecotermal with Microprocessor control M/K, M and Module – M allows control of the boiler simultaneously at 3 temperatures – outdoor, indoor and water temperature.Gradual switching of the heating groups on the basis of monitoring the basic parameters, leads to a lot of economic work.

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Manufacture of Manifold boxes

The collector box with decorative and protective function.
Ecotermal offers different types and sizes of distribution boxes – from collector boxes for built-in installation to collector boxes for opening installation – with keywords or with bolted closure. It is made of galvanized sheet metal with electrostatically applied powder coating, ensuring long life of the product.
Ecotermal_manifold boxes for incorporation
Ecotermal_manifold boxes - outside installation
buil-in manifold box whit depth and height adjustment

The collector boxes and distribution boxes of Ecotermal are one of the leading products on the European market. A sheet steel product, the complete set includes brackets for distribution collectors and a mounting set.

The collector boxes are extremely strong and reliable – they ensure the collection and fastening of the collectors of the heating installation. All exposed parts of the junction boxes are painted white. The collector boxes for open mounting with a bolt have a cover, which is attached to them by means of screws.

Ecotermal offers collector boxes for outdoor installation with bolts in different lengths according to the number of terminals of the used collectors. The collector and distribution boxes have sizes from 400 to 1000 mm.

Ecotermal also offers a wide range of Built-in junction boxes with depth and height adjustment.

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The company “Ecotermal” has its own workshops for production, located in the village of Konstantinvo, Burgas region. They are located on 8280 sq.m. and have 2048 sq.m. built-up area. The continuous aspiration of the management is towards high-tech equipment, necessary for the production of high-quality products with excellent design and at competitive prices.

The commercial activity is organized in 2 shops for the sale of goods needed for heat engineering, as well as an extremely rich distribution network throughout the country.

The main activities of “Ecotermal” Ltd. production, trade and installation of heating equipment are managed by highly qualified specialists. Characteristic of the company is the constant striving to improve the quality of production, increase competitiveness and expand the activity, assimilation of new technologies, search for new markets and investment in new activities.