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Ecotermal LTD

ECOTERMAL was established in 1992. Тhe main goal was local heating.

Since its inception and until now, the company has established everything stable in the domestic market thanks to the purposeful orientation of its economic policy to fully meet the needs of the end customer.

The main services are delivery and installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, solar, gas installations, plumbing and hydrophore systems.

Ecotermal is characterized by a constant pursuit of new technologies and leading industry trends worldwide.
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Характерно за „Екотермал“ е непрекъснатият стремеж към усвояването на новите технологии и водещи браншови тенденции в световен мащаб.

To better meet the needs of the market in 1995, the company revealed production activity with the following products:
  • Electric boilers with contact and electronic control
  • Solar collectors and complex solar installations
  • Combined solid fuel, electricity and oil boilers
  • Bathroom heaters
  • Combined boilers from 300 l to 2500 l
  • Manifold boxes
In a few years the company became an undisputed leader in the production of boilers with electronic and contactor control. The products it produces are of high quality, excellent design and competitive prices. Proof of this are the following awards Gold Medal from “Plovdiv Fair” – 1997 for electric boilers and solar collectors, Silver Lion from the exhibition “Made in Bulgaria” – Varna 1997.
Ecotermal supplies the full range of materials and equipment in the field of heating, air conditioning, plumbing, gas and solar installations.

In order to expand its commercial activity, Ecotermal creates a large-scale distribution network covering the entire territory of the country.

Since 2001 Certificate of CE marking for electric boilers.

Since 2002 Ecotermal LTD has been registered, acquiring the assets and liabilities of Ecotermal ET.

Since 2008 the company introduces a quality management system in accordance with the standard EN ISO 9001: 2008. The competitiveness of Ecotermal’s products and services are a product of the logistical approach in the management of the production process.

Who are we?

The world we live in is changing rapidly and offers newer and more efficient ways of efficient heating.

Company goals

ECOTERMAL sets priority goals, which allows to plan the activity in long-term and short-term aspect:
  • Winning a wider range of customers
  • Maximum satisfaction of declared and expected user requirements
  • Effective management and optimization of processes in the Organization
  • Creating an opportunity for full realization of each employee and associate of the Organization within its competence and powers, to achieve quality goals
  • Disclaimer of objections and complaints


To date, our portfolio includes a number of companies from Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro.




Hungary, Uzbekistan, Greece and Macedonia