Mobile electric Boiler 6 – 60 kW

Ekothermal’s mobile electric boilers are incredibly convenient and are often preferred for construction sites.
They are applicable to industrial buildings, sports halls, commercial establishments, garages and factories.
The Ekothermal mobile electric boiler is produced with a power of 6-60 kw.
It is able to provide temporary heating by easily connecting to an existing heating system.
Ideal as an emergency heater while repair work is being carried out on the main energy source, it restores heating quickly and with minimal interruption.
Special features and sufficient heat output provide adequate protection against freezing. It can be used when installing underfloor heating, it is also suitable for drying of screeds.
Because it is electric, it emits no waste gases, so there is no need for a chimney flue, which means it can be installed anywhere in the building.
Additional advantages of the boiler are:
-silent operation,
– maximum insulation, ensuring minimal heat losses.
– high degree of reliability
– maximum efficiency, by modulating the electrical power to the heating elements, depending on the actual need for energy.
– water temperature regulation for floor systems.