Electric Boiler MXL 37-60

3.116,12лв.3.472,74лв. Includes VAT

Manufactured models MXL – 37kW, 45kW, 52kW, 60kW. The electric boilers model MXL have electronic control, weekly programming, circulation pump, water filter and safety valve.


Electric boiler with electronic control MXL 37-60

Product dataMXL 37-60КW
UnitMXL 37MXL 45MXL 52MXl 60
Rated heat outputkW37455260
Seasonal heating energy efficiency%36,7236,7236,7236,72
Energy efficiency classЕнергиен етикет 37 mxlЕнергиен етикет 45 mxlЕнергиен етикет 52 mxlЕнергиен етикет 60 mxl
Useful heating powerkW36,7444,6951,6459,58
Cost of auxiliary power supplykW0,02400,02400,02400,0240
Sound power leveldb33333333
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