General terms

  2. These general terms and conditions are intended to regulate the relations between Ecotermal OOD, with registered office and address of management Burgas, 47 Slivnitsa Str. customers, hereinafter referred to as E-shop USERS,, hereinafter referred to as the E-SHOP.
  3. The site is a specialized e-shop for the sale of all kinds of goods and services intended for gifts and personal use.
  4. Merchant Details:
– Name: Ecotermal OOD; – Headquarters and address of management: Burgas, 47 Slivnitsa Str .; – Address for exercising the activity: Burgas, 47 Slivnitsa Str .; – Data for correspondence: Burgas, 47 Slivnitsa Str., Email: , tel. 0883470752; – Entry in the public registers: UIC 102154044 – Registration under the Value Added Tax Act
  1. An e-shop is an e-shop available on the Internet at, through which Users have the opportunity to enter into contracts for the sale and delivery of goods offered by the E-shop, including:
– to register and create a profile for viewing the E-shop and using the additional services for providing information; – to make electronic statements in connection with the conclusion or execution of contracts with the E-shop through the interface of the E-shop page, available on the Internet; – to conclude contracts for purchase and sale and delivery of goods offered by the E-shop – to make any payments in connection with the concluded contracts with the E-shop, according to the methods of payment maintained by the E-shop; – to receive information about new goods offered by the E-shop; – to examine the goods, their characteristics, prices and delivery conditions;
  1. The Merchant delivers the goods and guarantees the rights of the Users provided by law, within the framework of good faith, the criteria and conditions adopted in practice, consumer or commercial law.
  2. Users enter into a contract for the sale of goods offered by the E-shop through the Merchant’s interface, available on its website at or other means of distance communication.
  3. Pursuant to the contract concluded with the Users for the purchase and sale of goods, the Merchant undertakes to deliver and transfer the ownership of the User to the goods specified by him through the interface.
  4. Users pay the Merchant a fee for the delivered goods in accordance with the conditions set out in the Online Store and these general terms. The remuneration is in the amount of the price announced by the Merchant at the e-shop address on the Internet.
8a. The Merchant delivers the goods ordered by the Users within the terms and conditions specified by the Merchant on the website of the e-shop and in accordance with these general conditions.
  1. The delivery price is not included in the price of the goods.
  2. It is assumed that the electronic statements made by the Users of the site are made by the persons specified in the data provided by the User at the time of registration, if the User has entered the appropriate username and password.
  2. In order to use the Online Store to enter into contracts for the sale of goods, the User must enter his chosen name and password for remote access, in cases where the online store requires registration.
  3. The name and password for remote access are determined by the User by registering electronically on the Merchant’s website.
  4. By filling in your data and clicking the “I agree” and “Confirm” buttons, the User declares that he is familiar with these general conditions, agrees with their content and undertakes to comply with them unconditionally.
  5. Upon registration, the User undertakes to provide accurate and up-to-date data. The user promptly updates the data specified in his registration in case of change.
  6. In case a profile in web social networks or other networks is used for registration of the User, a party to the contract is the person who is the holder of the profile used for registration in the respective social or other network.
  7. The user can conclude a contract of sale without registering in an e-shop;
  1. Users mainly use the interface of the Merchant’s website to enter into contracts for the sale of goods offered in the Online Store.
  2. The contract is concluded in Bulgarian.
  3. The contract between the Merchant and the User represents the current general conditions, available at
  4. A party to the contract with the Merchant is the User according to the data provided during registration and contained in the personal profile of the User.
  5. The trader shall include in the interface of his website, technical means for detecting and correcting errors in entering information before the statement of conclusion of the contract is made.
  6. This contract is considered concluded from the moment of registration of the User with the Merchant. The contract for purchase and sale of goods is considered concluded from the moment of its application by the User through the interface of the Merchant.
  7. For the conclusion of this contract and for the conclusion of the contract for purchase and sale of goods, the Merchant shall explicitly notify the User in an appropriate manner by electronic means and / or by telephone.
  8. The contract statement and acknowledgment of receipt shall be deemed to have been received when their addressees have access to them.
  2. Execution of registration in the E-shop and provision of the necessary data, if the User has not yet registered in the E-shop or without registration, in which case it is necessary to provide data for the User.
  3. Log in to the e-shop ordering system by identifying with a username and password.
  4. Select one or more of the goods offered in the E-shop and add them to the list of goods for purchase.
  5. Provide delivery details.
  6. Choose a method and time to pay the price.
  7. Order confirmation.
  2. The rules of this section V of these general terms and conditions apply to Users for whom, according to the data specified for the conclusion of the contract of sale or registration in the Online Store, it can be concluded that they are users within the meaning of Consumer Protection Act, the Electronic Commerce Act and / or Directive 97/7 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 1997 on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts.
  3. The main characteristics of the goods offered by the Merchant are defined in the profile of each product on the website of the E-shop.
  4. The price of the goods including all taxes is determined by the Merchant in the profile of each product on the website of the E-shop.
  5. The prices of the goods are in Bulgarian levs.
  6. The value of postage and transport costs not included in the price of the goods is determined by the Merchant and is provided as information to the Users at one of the following points before the conclusion of the contract:
– in the profile of each of the goods on the website of the E-shop Provider; – when choosing the goods for concluding the contract of sale; – when finalizing the order and providing feedback between the Provider and the User to specify details about the order; 35a. The method of payment, delivery and performance of the contract is determined in these general terms and conditions, as well as the information provided to the User on the website of the Merchant.
  1. The information provided to the Users is current at the time of its visualization on the website of the E-Shop Merchant before the conclusion of the sales contract.
  2. The Merchant must specify the conditions for delivery of individual goods on the website of the E-shop
  3. The trader shall indicate before the conclusion of the contract the total value of the contract for all the goods contained therein.
  1. CONDITIONS FOR CANCELLATION OF ORDER (before the goods are sent to the User).
  2. The order can be canceled at any time before it is sent by the Merchant to the User.
41. The refusal is carried out by e-mail to the trader with a response to the User, expressed in an appropriate manner.
  1. In case of cancellation of an order, the User does not pay a penalty.
  1. The user has the right, without paying compensation or penalty and without stating a reason, to withdraw from the contract within 30 days from the date of acceptance of the goods by the consumer or by a third party other than the carrier and specified by user.
  2. In order to exercise his right of withdrawal, the User should, before the expiration of the term under item 43 of these conditions, inform the trader about his decision by e-mail, feedback form at: contacts, or in any other appropriate way in which he has unequivocally expressed his wish to withdraw from the contract. In these cases, the Merchant is obliged to immediately send the User a confirmation of receipt of his refusal.
  3. In case the user exercises his right of withdrawal under item 43, the Merchant is obliged to refund in full the amounts paid by the user no later than 14 days from the date on which he was notified of the decision. of the consumer to withdraw from the contract, under the terms of this section, except in cases where the goods have already been shipped and the right of withdrawal has been exercised after shipment.
44.a In the cases when the goods have already been sent and the right of withdrawal has been exercised after their sending, the Merchant may withhold the amounts paid by the User until he receives the goods or the User does not provide proof that he has sent the goods back, depending on which of the child happened earlier.
  1. When exercising his right of withdrawal under item 43, the consumer is obliged to comply with the following conditions:
– the goods are in good commercial condition (the goods are not torn, scratched, ironed, crushed); – there is no damage caused by normal use; – the original packaging, consumables, accessories, if any, have been preserved.
  1. The transport costs for the initial delivery remain at the expense of the User, as well as those related to the return of the goods after exercising the right under item 43.
  2. If the Merchant is unable to perform the contract due to the fact that he does not have the ordered goods, he is obliged to notify the user. The user chooses whether:
– The Merchant to refund the amounts paid by him within 10 working days from the date on which the Merchant was to fulfill its obligation under the contract; – The trader to issue a shopping voucher for the value; – If the Merchant has the availability to send another product of the customer’s choice;
  1. In the cases under item 47, the Supplier has the right with the consent of the User to deliver to the same goods of the same quality and price.
  2. The trader notifies the consumer electronically of the change in the performance of the contract.
  1. The goods selected and ordered by the Users of the E-shop are sent through the courier company Econt to the office or address specified by the User, with the option “Cash on Delivery” and Postal Money Order or according to some other payment methods used in the E-shop. / li>
  2. The cost of delivery is at the expense of the buyer, and the buyer can choose a supplier. The delivery price is according to the supplier’s tariff plan, calculated by the supplier’s calculator.
  3. Upon delivery of the goods, the User also pays a fee for the “Cash on Delivery” service, which is determined depending on the amount of the order and at prices determined by the courier company.
  4. The Merchant delivers the goods to the address specified by the Users and is not responsible in case the data provided by the Users are incorrect or misleading.
  5. The cost of packaging the goods is NOT included in the delivery amount.
54a. The term for execution of the order is from one to three working days. In case of need for extension, the clients shall be notified in due time in an appropriate manner.
  1. The delivery time is determined according to the current conditions of the courier company.
  2. In case the User and the Merchant have not set a delivery time, the delivery time of the goods is up to 30 days from the date following the sending of the user’s order to the Merchant through the Merchant’s website E-shop.
  3. On Saturdays and public holidays, orders are accepted but shipped on the first business day at the earliest.
  1. In case of non-compliance of the consumer goods with the sales contract, the consumer has the right to file a complaint, asking the seller to bring the product in accordance with the sales contract. These are the cases when the product is defective, does not correspond to the announced size, does not correspond to the announced trademark and / or model.
  2. The complaint should be filed within seven days of receipt of the goods, in which case the User can choose between refund, repair of the goods or replacement and a new one, replacement of the goods or reduction of the originally announced й цена.
58a. Each product offered by Ecotermal Ltd. has a 24-month legal warranty. IX. METHOD OF PAYMENT
  1. The trader is registered under the Value Added Tax Act and all prices in the Online Store are in Bulgarian levs with VAT.
  2. The prices of the goods on the Merchant’s website are in Bulgarian levs.
  3. The minimum value of the order is BGN 100.
  4. Online store payments can be made in one of the following ways:
a / Bank transfer: After completing the order, the Client makes a bank transfer for the amount of the order. After receiving the amount, the Merchant specifies the details of the order and delivery and sends the goods. Data on the bank transfer: Bank: DSK AD; IBAN: BG40STSA93000025625412; Holder Ecotermal Ltd. As a basis for the bank transfer it is necessary to indicate your order number. b / Cash on delivery or PPP to the courier. Payment of the amount due in cash to the courier upon receipt of the ordered products at the address or office of the supplier specified by you. c / Payment through the system of The payment system of serves the following types of payments: Debit and credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Borica issued in Bulgaria and abroad with the exception of cards issued in the following countries: USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Belize, Bahrain, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Kuwait, India and Nigeria.
  2. The Merchant takes measures to protect the personal data of the User in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
  3. For reasons of security of personal data of the Users, the Provider will send the data only to the e-mail address that was specified by the Users at the time of registration.
  4. The Merchant accepts and publishes a Privacy Policy on its website.
  5. At any time, the Merchant has the right to require the User to identify himself and certify the authenticity of each of the circumstances and personal data announced during registration.
  6. In the event that for any reason the User has forgotten or lost his name and password, the Merchant has the right to apply the announced “Procedure for lost or forgotten names and passwords.
  7. Ecotermal Ltd. is an administrator of the personal data used within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act. This ensures the confidentiality of personal data of users of the site. The data will only be used for the purposes of the transaction.
  8. By accepting the general terms and conditions, the User agrees to use his personal data to carry out the transaction
  2. These general terms and conditions may be amended by the Merchant, of which the latter will notify in an appropriate manner all E-SHOP Users who are registered.
  3. The Merchant and the User agree that any additions and amendments to these general terms and conditions will have effect upon the User upon explicit notification.
  4. The User agrees that all statements of the Merchant in connection with the change of these general conditions will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the User during registration. The user agrees that e-mails sent in accordance with this article do not need to be signed with an electronic signature in order to have effect on him.
  5. The Merchant publishes these general terms and conditions at https:// together with any additions and amendments thereto.
  1. The possible invalidity of any of the provisions of these general terms and conditions will not lead to the invalidity of the entire contract.
  2. The laws of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to the issues not settled in this contract.
  3. All disputes between the parties to this contract should be resolved primarily in a spirit of mutual understanding.
  4. These general terms and conditions enter into force for all Users on 01.02.2021